EZ Sealer | Residential Sealcoat Machines

EZ-Sealer Is Just That... Easy!

Professionally seal coat your own driveway in four (4) simple steps. Instructions for use:



1. Prep It

Start by cleaning the asphalt of your driveway; making sure to remove all sand, rocks, dirt and other materials. We've found it's most effective to use a broom and sweep your driveway or to use a leaf blower.


If your driveway has cracks you will need to fill them with crack filler. Most any filler will do the job.

Using a leafblower to prepare the driveway for Asphalt Sealcoating


2. Mix It

Prepare your EZ-Sealer Residential Sealcoat Machine by doing the following:

  • Read the directions on the sealant container
  • Stir or agitate the sealant thoroughly until it is liquid and without any lumps
  • Ensure the strainer is in place in the EZ-Sealer tank
  • Pour the mixed sealant into the tank

Mixing the asphalt sealer


3. Spread It

How to use your EZ-Sealer Residential Sealcoat Machine:

  • If your driveway is sloped or on a hill, place your sealcoat machine so it is always facing uphill; this helps contain the sealant so it will not run away from you when you open the valve.
  • Set your squeegee down and open the valve allowing the fluid to flow evenly.
  • Leave a 2-3 inch puddle of fluid down in front of the squeegee.
  • Move slowly up your driveway.
  • Close the valve four (4) feet before you reach the end of your driveway, letting the fluid diminish from the original puddle.
  • Lift the squeegee and return to where you started - Repeat!

Using the towable EZ-Sealer Residential Sealcoat Machine to reseal the asphalt drivway


4. Done! It's Just that Easy!

Completed asphalt driveway resealed

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