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EZ-Sealer is a distributor of the EZ-Sealer Residential Sealcoating Machine, a system designed to effectively re-seal your paved driveway. Why let a self-proclaimed "professional" pocket your hard-earned money when you can quickly and easily do the job yourself?


Regular driveway sealcoating is the best means of asphalt protection against destructive elements; deterioration, cracks, direct sunlight, moisture and petrochemicals from leaking vehicles. Sealcoating not only prolongs the life of your asphalt, it also enhances the appearance of your property. Our system is designed for easy pulling behind any four-wheeler or lawn tractor. Depending upon the squeegee length it can quickly apply up to a 60" wide path of new driveway / asphalt sealer. The highly effective and quality-made rubber squeegee applies an even path, and seldom needs to be replaced.


"I've used my Ez-Sealer for over 4 years and have never had to change the squeegee."

- Jerry B.



16 gallon tank is 
26 gallon tank is


Aside from being easy to use, the EZ-Sealer can also become a means of income. Once owned, many find that neighbors, friends and family need their driveways seal coated. Owning an EZ-Sealer can quickly become a small side business for anyone looking to earn some extra income. All of the machines parts and sizes are interchangeable, but seldom, if at all need replacing.


Routine driveway maintenance is a fact of life, but it doesn't have to be costly and difficult to be effective. Contact Us today to order your own EZ-Sealer - 800-921-6505.


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Sealant for the EZ-Sealer Residential Sealcoating Machine can be found at these locations: local hardware stores